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Redesigning Home Insurance

Demo video I created with After Effects

As one of the simplest ways to purchase home insurance on the market, Swyfft needed an overall brand experience to match. The UI needed to be quick, the brand voice needed to be bold, and most importantly, the nuances of insurance coverage needed to be clear and simple to customize. As Director of UX I worked closely with high level execs, developers and user focus groups to understand motivations and pain points. I inherited initial logo and brand concepts and we designed a simple four step user experience and launched it in 6 months. The redesigned UI in conjunction with a killer distribution model raised our monthly GWP by 100 times and our daily average user rate by 25 times.

Brand Swyfft
Toolkit Adobe CC, Sketch, Bitbucket, React, SASS
Role Director of UX & Design
Year 2016 - Current

A Bold Brand Voice

Swyfft's unique business offering needed a distinct visual language to match. Working mainly with our CEO and marketing head, we worked to develop a visual brand voice that spoke loud and clear across every medium. Modern, Smart, and game changing - our new design system would help differentiate ourselves from the pack.

Four Easy Steps,
in Every Breakpoint

When starting the project it was clear we needed to offer something unique to independent agents. Our team understood that every additional feature would take a backseat to the major product offering - fast home insurance quotes you can bind instantly. Working closely with our tech team I designed mocks, did QA testing, helped with front-end architecture planning, and created a SASS variable system. With our agile team of 4 we completed the front-end project in 6 months.

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